Laminate flooring Services

Advise you on to seeing the right Laminate floor style and type for your needs.

Our laminate floor fitters work throughout Dublin (northside and southside), offering homeowners and business a truly exceptional range of new laminates from many of the leading manufacturers and suppliers

Highly stylish and suitable for any property or comercial space is what makes our range of new laminate floors an exceptional choice when looking for a new floor. Established for more than 30 years, we strive to deliver top quality products and excellent customer service – Our aim is to do the perfect installation every time.


  • Laminate Flooring is extremely durable and attractive.
  • This type of flooring is very easy to maintain and does not fade even in direct sunlight.
  • Easy to install compared to real wood or LVT.
  • Can be installed over many types of sub floors - as long as it is level, clean and dry.
  • Large range of wood effect as well as stone , ceramic and other effects.
  • Easy to maintain, as most laminates protect the material from stains this makes it relatively easy. Typically light sweeping and vacuuming is all that required.
  • Extremely hygienic as laminate floorboards are naturally resistant from growth of moult and bacteria.
  • Laminate can be installed in as short as 36 hours without the requirements of acclimatisation.

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Some benefits of our services:
  • No job too small
  • We cover the whole of Dublin (northside & southside)
  • Fitting only service
  • Free no-obligation quotation
  • Absolute quality guaranteed
  • Free measuring

10.99 (8mm)/13.99 (12mm) (per Sq. Yard) (8mm and 12mm AC5 rated)


Urban Elite range from Artfloor. Available in 8mm and 12mm.

-------   NEW RANGE   -------

3 bedrooms take away 8mm, based on 37sq yds: £370

12mm Sitting room and hall (AC 5) (based on 30 sq. yds.) Takeaway price £430


€9.49  TAKEAWAY (per Sq. Yard) (8mm AC4 rated)

-------  NEW RANGE -------



3 bedrooms take away 8mm, based on 37sq yds: £349

Sitting room and hall  (based on 30 sq. yds.) Takeaway price £285




€9.99  FITTED (per Sq. Yard)



€12,50  TAKEAWAY(per Sq. Yard)

Xpert Pro Laminate


 ------- NEW RANGE -------

Balterio Flooring by Xpertpro 8mm. Warranty 20 years. AC4 rated


11.49  (per Sq. Yard)

Reflections: This is a new 7mm. Warranty 15 years. AC4 rating

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